About Us

BUDPAK Industries is a leading manufacturer of Top Quality Championship Belts, Equipment, Uniforms and Accessories for Boxing, Kick Boxing, Martial Arts, Mix Martial Arts, Wrestling, Jiujitsu and American Football. BUDPAK has an aggressive approach of entrepreneurship to deliver on his promises that forms the basis for BUDPAK's “Maker of Champions, Champion of Makers!"

Mission Statement:

BUDPAK Industries is a recognized leader serving the Sports industry by providing Quality and Innovative Products. These products are characterized by their superior value, quality and durability.

This is accomplished through our extensive knowledge of product structure, our excellence in manufacturing process and our ability to collaborate with our customers to meet their needs in a timely and cost effective manner.

Quality Statement:

BUDPAK Industries is committed to conformance to customer's requirement by continuously improving the quality of its products, and to manufacture and distribute products that are viewed by our customers as being of high quality, fairly priced and delivered on time.